Pre-Operative INstructions

1. Aspirin or any blood thinner medication should be stopped as has been instructed by Dr. Straka prior to your
    appointment and the day of your appointment.

2. Please take all daily medication prescribed by your physician especially for high blood pressure.

3. Please eat a good meal prior to your appointment. A meal high in protein is recommended.
    You will be on a soft diet for 2-3 days (pasta, soups, yogurt, eggs and or rice).

4. Please wear loose comfortable clothing.

5. If you prefer listening to your own music selection, please feel free to bring your own CD’s to play on our stereo.
    If you enjoy listening with headphones you may bring your own portable Ipod, CD player.

6. Please inform our office of any changes in your medical history prior to your appointment.

7. You may take three 200mg ibuprofen tablets (Advil) 1 hour prior to appointment unless your medical history forbids
    the taking of ibuprofen. Please call the office if you do not know if you can take ibuprofen.

8. Please feel free to call or ask any questions prior to the appointment.